Jay Bookman

Nestled in a corner between Nicholson and Lee Drive lies a local business that is set on spreading happiness one treat at a time. 

Cupcake Allie began satisfying local sweet teeth in 2013 after Allie Bookman and her husband, Jay, opened the shop. While the shop has become a key ingredient in the Bookmans’ daily lives, this was not always the case for Jay.  

“I was in dental sales. I had managed some branches. There was a management component to that as far as owning a business with my name on it,” Jay said.

After leaving dental sales because he did not enjoy it, Jay met his wife as she was opening her own bakery. It was not long before the business took off, and his relationship with the woman of his dreams helped his own dream come true. 

“All the really kind of foodie, cool, different cupcakes was a great collaboration of me doing something on the weird side and her putting it together in a cupcake,” Jay said.

So where was this woman that changed Jay’s life? While Jay was discussing the ins and outs of the bakery, his wife, Allie, the namesake of the store, remained busy in the back, preparing an order. Despite Allie’s name being plastered on the building in glowing neon letters, she is someone that is very camera-shy. 

While working with your significant other definitely has its perks, Jay is the first to admit that with any business, there are always a few bumps in the road, but it makes it easier to deal with them when he is able to do so as part of a team. 

“It is a passion, and it is a dream. And there are a lot of hard days and a lot of tough times, but to be able to do something and follow a dream, you know, it is cool, because you could easily be working in a job that you don’t like," Jay said.

While Jay and Allie remain a team wherever they go, that doesn’t mean that their home life is like the bakery. Once they clock out from work, they’re on their own time.

"We do try to separate bakery, and then when we go home it’s about us and the kids and just to get that time away," Jay said.  

Their hard work at the bakery has paid off. According to Forbes, nearly half of businesses that open do not make it past the five-year mark. Entering their sixth year of business, it’s safe to say that Cupcake Allie beat the statistics and is still going strong. 

Founded on the decision to take a risk and follow a dream, the bakery’s popularity is what makes a recipe like Jay and Allie’s success story just so sweet.