Crime is a serious concern on most campuses but, as of recently, LSU is under the spotlight.

In 2017 it was reported that one-fifth of arrests were because of major crimes such as stealing and assault, on-campus alone.

LSU Engineering students noticed this issue and decided to create a software that predicts crime in a particular location.

This software started off as a project in a computer science class and turned itself into a company.

The company is called “Crimer”, and it collaborates with local police departments and businesses to predict crime at any given location or time.

The software has many features and applications, including a heat map to show where crime is prevalent.

"It will allow people like you and me to install Crimer to our phones and use it to get crime predictions for our area we think this will help people stay informed and help keep their loved ones and themselves safe,'' said CEO Alexander Adams.

Adams, a graduate from LSU, says students and Baton Rouge residents will soon be able to access this software from their phones when the app launches soon.

For now students can go on there website at or visit their office which is located in downtown Baton Rouge.