Crawfish from a family boil

The Residence Hall Association is getting into the cajun spirit and hosted a crawish noil for all on-cmapus residents April 3rd. 

The company in charge, Bayou Bistro, is boiling 4,500 pounds of crawfish for free. Many are asking what crawfish prices will do this season overall.

The On-Campus Advisor of Residential Life, Alec Dresen, says "It's an end of the year celebration as a thank-you to the residents."

Now that Mardi Gras is over, "mudbug" season is in full swing. According to WBRZ's Crawfish Price Index, the average price per pound of boiled crawfish this week is $5.11.

Brad Quinn, an LSU student, says he can eat three or four pounds; totaling $20 for a meal is "a lot of money for a college student."

This years abnormally cold and rainy weather is keeping the crawfish in the mud and out of the traps. The struggle to catch enough to meet the demands makes the price go up for the buyers and retailers. 

However, Danna Pullin, a crawfish farmer out of Delcambre, LA, said "Once we get into more sunny days the crawfish will get better and that should bring the prices down for consumers..."

Many college students, like Quinn, think it is exciting to hear, but will buy them no matter the price because they love it. 

Crawfish prices are expected to stay low as the weather cooperates.