The new ordinance plans on banning the intentional release of 10 balloons or more, in hopes of less pollution on our properties and water supplies.

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A new ordinance that councilwoman Laurie Adams' proposed would ban the intentional release of more than 10 balloons in the city to help combat the pollution rate. 

The East Baton Rouge Metro Council is set to hear the proposal on April 26 before taking a vote on it.

The average person makes up to 4.5 pounds of trash every day, or 17,000 pounds in a year, according to

Jennifer Richardson, a member of the Keep Tiger Town Beautiful Foundation, said the city is "being buried in litter." She said she has picked up 9,000 contractor bags of trash in two years.

According to, latex balloons can take anywhere from six months to four years to biodegrade. The trash balloons leave get in our water supplies and land on animal feeding grounds and other properties.

"I can’t watch an animal die over a dollar balloon,” Richardson said.

Many groups and organizations hold balloon releases to honor loved ones. Councilwoman Laurie Adams suggested using other options like tree planting, candlelight vigils and bubbles.