Downtown Baton Rouge is renovating, and the plans are looking promising for college students.

The Business District is less popular with younger students, but the area’s variety of events and activities offer some relief from a typical Covid outing. 

Downtown hosts some 1,000 events annually and has around 50 restaurants along its streets. Executive Director of the Downtown Development District Davis Rhorer explains how the area is planning events to attract Baton Rouge's football-hungry college students. 

“A lot of people come down to watch the games outside,” Rhorer says. “We have a big screen near our downtown library and we’ll show the LSU games on there.”

Downtown also offers museums, new green spaces, bike routes and outdoor music events. Although, Live at Five, Downtown’s traditional Friday afternoon live music concerts, has been canceled due to Covid-19. However, the district hopes to reschedule for Spring. 

The area will also host outdoor movie nights starting this month. Katie Zimmermann, a freshman at LSU, is not from Baton Rouge, but looks forward to what the area is planning for the younger community. 

“Hearing about it now like…I’d definitely take my friends there. It sounds fun, like, it sounds cool,” Zimmermann says.

”It sounds like there’s a lot of different activities to do and things that would remind me of home in a sense because, like, downtown New Orleans sounds very similar to downtown Baton Rouge in a way that there’s a lot of things open, a lot of things to do that most people don’t exactly think about when they think of Baton Rouge.”

For LSU students looking for new ways to stay active this semester, downtown Baton Rouge has developed a 13.1-mile-long walking, biking and jogging path from downtown’s Hollywood Casino to L’auberge Casino. 

To sign up for email updates on events, students can visit downtown Baton Rouge’s website.