The head of the World Health Organization declared the Coronavirus outbreak as a "pandemic" Wednesday, as more people continue to test positive for the virus.

President Trump tweeted Wednesday that they are "putting into policy a plan to prevent, detect, treat and create a vaccine against the coronavirus to save lives..."

Many colleges have decided to close their doors or strictly move classes online. 

Closures began in Washington state, and now include Harvard University, Columbia University, Princeton University, Rice University, Stanford University, Hofstra University, University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Washington, among others in the U.S. 

That has many concerned about what LSU plans to do about this recently declared pandemic.

LSU media relations director Ernie Ballard sent out an email at around 2 p.m. Wednesday, stating there are no positive coronavirus cases connected to LSU at this time.

Ballard said they are aware of "at least one person who has expressed concern about exposure to the virus, and that has led to much public speculation. After investigation, it was determined that the individual in question is asymptomatic and not within the threat parameters set by the Centers for Disease Control and the Louisiana Office of Public Health."

LSU is also urging students not to travel during spring break. 

"Spring break is coming. We encourage the campus community not to travel during spring break," Ballard stated. "We realize many students had plans for spring break, and some have already spent money on those plans. But we ask you to consider where you would be traveling to, and what the situation would be like when you get there."

More updates about the coronavirus will be given as they are released. 

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