While millions across Louisiana are worried about contracting the coronavirus, the entire economy of Louisiana is also teetering toward massive unemployment.

The Watermark Hotel has seen firsthand the impact of COVID-19 since there are only a few customers staying in the 144-room hotel. The hotel saw a 92 percent decrease in revenue this year from March 23-29. Yet, for a worker like Vyron Davis, it has not affected his work so far, but he has noticed things are different.

"It's like a big change, I now walk into the job, and it is like nobody here. So it's like a ghost town everywhere," said Davis.

Davis has worked for the hotel since it opened in 2016, and in the last week has seen a change in his job due to downtown Baton Rouge being a ghost town.

"I actually have to even take over security, and also I have picked up valet," Davis said.

Other workers like Ashli Mayo have seen a drastic cut in their hours.

"I have seen my hours cut back from working five times a week to now only once or twice," Mayo said.

These workers are taking it day-by-day, just like others in Louisiana and the United States. Only in the last three weeks, 20 million people have filed for unemployment, but the bottom line is that many would rather go back to work than live off government benefits.