Following Governor John Bel Edwards announcement of a stay-at-home order, nonessential businesses like beauty salons and nail salons closed in Louisiana. Now, regulars have to maintain their looks at home, leaving many people with haircare frustrations.

LSU second-year student Exquisite Williams does not like taking care of her natural hair.

“Me and my natural hair, we don’t get along. It’s frustrating to take care of.”

LSU third-year student Alaysia Johnson misses the experience of a salon.

“I feel like you go to the hair salon, and that’s therapeutic, so it’s not just like you’re getting your hair done. You have somebody to talk to, and everybody else is getting their hair done. It’s an experience, and now we don’t have that.”

LSU fourth-year student Alanna Moss doesn't want to risk messing up her hair trying to get professional quality at home.

“When you think about it, if you’re a frequent person who gets trims and things like that, I’m not trimming my own hair. I’m not about to risk messing my hair up so I need professionals soon to come in and help eventually.”

Nail technician Britney Pham is out of a job since the nail shop she works at was deemed nonessential.

“We had to close down due to the coronavirus because obviously, you know, it’s not an essential business and we’re trying to prevent it from spreading.”

To sustain business, Pham is selling press-on nails ranging from $20 to $40 and custom nail sets for $50.

Alaysia Johnson gave more perspective on how women are handling this lifestyle adjustment.

“Women were in a bad place before, and now, it’s just like, heightened.”

The stay-at-home order has been extended until May 15.