With a new housing project in the works in Denham Springs, many residents have begun to voice their concerns on the matter.

In recent months, a new government-funded housing project was proposed to take site in Denham Springs, but some of the current residents in the area, like Paul Kirk, are not sure if the location is the right fit.

“And when you place them that close to a track with decibel points at 160 coming from the tracks and if you place soundproof walls, that’ll reduce the sound by 70-decibel points, but you’re still placing them at a 90-decibel point when the train horn blows,” said Kirk.

When a train horn blows, it is hitting you at 90 decibels. Reports show that at 150 decibels, your chest will begin to vibrate and your eardrums can burst at 160 decibels.

The housing project would accommodate low-income residents along with the disabled and elderly.

On Monday, March 9, the City Council met to hear the concerns of residents.

“How many people here could raise your hand, have some concerns and would request that they not rezone this,” said Julie, a resident of Denham Springs.

Edward Schmitt was concerned the 1.8 million dollar budget would not be enough.

“That 1.8 million dollars can disappear like that,” said Schmitt.

Paul Kirk and Jack Hartman, along with many other citizens of Denham Springs, support the idea of a new project, but just in a better location with more planning.

“Jump right in with both feet, and that’s what it seems like we’re doing here,” said Kirk. “We’re jumping in, both feet, to try to do something good for some people who need some help.”

“It’s not that we don’t want them to have a place to live, we want them to come back to Denham Springs,” said Hartman. “We need people, but we need to keep our tax revenue because everyone needs the tax base. If we kill all our tax bases, we’re done.”

For more information on this housing project, head to the Denham Springs City Hall webpage.