When City Slice opened last August, they wanted to create a fun atmosphere for students. Instead of arcade games or pool tables, they looked for unique ways for customers to have a good time.

“We just want to be different than everyone else… something new and different,” says Melissa Rucker, a City Slice manager.

Last month they found the perfect solution: virtual reality.

“It’s like you’re in it. It’s like a whole new world basically,” Rucker said. 

Allison Franklin, a bartender, admits she was hesitant about the idea at first. 

“I thought it was dumb. I thought no one was going to want to do this,” Franklin said.

Now she says she even stays after work and comes in on her off days to play. With over 30 games, Rucker says it’s hard to pick a favorite, but Elvin’s Assassin is the most popular game. 

“The controllers you’re pulling back, shooting arrows. I mean it’s real life," Rucker said. "They throw stuff back at you, so you got to duck and dodge."

This game is Franklin’s favorite. 

“You’re, like, shooting giants, and you can hear other people playing. Other people from around the world can join your game.”

You can even journey to Paris or Morocco in the virtual reality simulator.

“You wouldn’t think Google Earth would be fun, but you can literally be on Google earth like you’re flying around and you can see everything. It’s intense. It’s fun,” Rucker said.

And it’s definitely unique.

“While you’re not playing you can eat and drink and have a good time.”