Restaurants around LSU’s campus are using more eco-friendly food containers to reduce waste around campus.

Plastic is used all throughout campus, but students want to see LSU be more of an environmentally friendly space.

“We can always move to improve sustainability,” said Desh Gaskins, an LSU third-year student and former student body president candidate. “I think more now than ever we as a society are moving to a place where sustainability is at the key of what we are doing.”

One hundred twenty-five students signed and sent a petition to City Pork in the Design Building to express their concern about a large amount of plastic waste.

“The students reached out and made it a point to let us know that boxes piling up were a bit too much, getting to see that around such a beautiful area is something we don't want to see,” said City Pork assistant store manager Shane Segura.

City Pork decided to go-green, and instead of the regular plastic boxes they use, they have adopted reusable trays that can go anywhere around campus.

“We’ve been getting a lot of good responses from the students and the staff here on LSU’s campus," said Segura. "That it makes it very convenient that they can just take them wherever and they tell us stories about how they have trays piling up in their offices and studios."

This new add-on has been implemented for a year and has been a big hit for most students, but some students still prefer to use plastic products.

Students can ask for trays instead of the plastic boxes when ordering and don’t need to throw them away, just turn them into the tray holder.

City Pork says they are working to make the reusable trays in more colors, shapes and sizes for the convenience of students' needs.