On Sunday, April 11, the City of Baton Rouge in correspondence with Gauthier's family held a vigil at the Galvez Plaza to encourage hope and spread the word.

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Citizens, family members, friends, and students gathered on Sunday, April 11 at the Galvez Plaza for a vigil for LSU freshman Kori Gauthier, who has been missing since Tuesday, April 6.

The vigil was held in coordination with the City of Baton Rouge and Gauthier's family in order to raise awareness for the cause.

“Tonight was just about coming together as a community once more to just pray that we find Kori and just get her name out there as much as possible," said LSU sophomore TJ Polk.

The vigil included prayers, remarks, and musical tributes by many community members.

Among those who spoke were Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser, LSU Interim President Tom Galligan, Baton Rouge Police Department Chief Murphy Hall, and Baton Rouge Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome.

In an exclusive interview with Tiger TV, Mayor Broome expressed that tonight is about maintaining hope for Gauthier’s return.

“Many prayers went up, many songs went up, and it was also a celebration of a wonderful young woman who many people loved," said Broome. "Many people maintain hope and faith for her return.”

In addition to the speakers, LSU students were at the vigil selling t-shirts to support the family during this time.

“My mom decided to make 'Find Kori' t-shirts just to raise awareness a little bit more," said LSU junior Kristina Brooks. "The money that we get from it is going to the family for things that they may need throughout these days.”

Brooks encouraged us to keep Gauthier in our thoughts as the search continues.

“In order for a message to be presented very well, it needs to have a lot of attention to it," said Brooks. "Therefore, I feel like it’s important to stay on the necks of everybody to let them know to raise awareness for Find Kori.”

Another vigil is being held April 12th in Opelousas, Gauthier's hometown. Everyone is encouraged to attend to show their support for Gauthier and her family.