With many describing this year’s presidential election as one of the most important of all time, several celebrities and social media influencers have decided to use their platform to promote registering to vote and showing up to the polls.

Majority of the public have had positive reactions to these figures being so proactive, among those impressed is Social Media Specialist and LSU Graduate Samantha Lanham.

“I see it gets a lot of interaction, so I think that this is a good thing. I think it draws attention to the fact that every person has a voice and that they need to get involved in this election because it could be very important not just for them but their communities,” Lanham says.

As a part of a new generation of voters, 18-year-old LSU student Gabby Dill says that she gets the majority of her information about voting from social media.

“Organizations such as NFL, they have their own athletes giving speeches on commercials on how to vote and why you should vote. So I definitely think celebrities posting information about voting is a good thing,” Dill says.

The impact of this promotion to vote has been noted by many, including LSU senior and employee for Governor John Bel Edwards Emily Manning, who says this year’s early voting numbers are already breaking records. 

“I’ve noticed a lot of effort on social media of people being like ‘I’m going to vote’ or ‘This is how you vote’, whatever it is. So I think the impact has already been really big and I’m hoping that this trend continues because exercising your civic duty is such a fundamental part of the US,” Manning says.

As communities come together to make sure everybody casts their ballot, most people remain optimistic that their voice will be heard.