March is Women's History Month. We're celebrating women who challenge the world and create change. LSU and Manship graduate, Terri B. Williams is fire starters and movement maker that's helping others do the same.

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This year’s International Women’s Day theme is called “Choose to Challenge.” 

The International Women's Day website says the theme is “A challenged world is an alert world, and from challenge comes change. So let’s choose to challenge."  

And one of LSU’s very own is doing just that. Manship Public Policy Professional Terri Broussard Williams is a woman of many talents--her strongest being her ability to challenge others to make change. 

Williams is no stranger to hard work and getting the job done. As a professional that works on public policies, she was a part of the smoke-free workspaces in Louisiana. 

“I was a member of a team of three women, all under the age of 30 at the time that led the Louisiana smoke free air act,” said Williams, “and that piece of Legislation made all workplaces, with the exception of bars, smoke free. So that included restaurants.”

Williams is also a published author and philanthropist. Her book “Find Your Fire” was inspired by her life and the lessons she's gained along the way.

“They were all lessons that I could carry with me, and I thought that I could use that information to inspire others to become the next generation of change makers,” said Williams. 

“Find Your Fire” is a collection of stories of people that Williams refers to as “fire starters” or “movement makers.”

In each story, one can learn about building movements or amplifying movements for social good. 

In addition, Williams is also an accomplished public speaker.  

Through her speaking, she teaches and encourages business owners and companies how to becoming movement makers and create change. 

Williams has a method for women looking to move forward and create change in the world. 

Everyone is carrying an invisible backpack, according to her method. And the key to creating positive change is to pack that backpack with the following four things: faith, fortitude, forgiveness and "failing forward."

“A lot of times I say, the movements that you create, they're not for the people that you know," said Williams, "they’re for the people that you don't know. 

Anyone looking for connect with Terri Broussard Williams can do so through her website and/or social media.