Louisiana has the lowest number of spayed and neutered pets in the country, but CAAWS aims to lessen the load off other shelters.

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Louisiana has the lowest number of neutered and spayed dogs and cats in the country, but one Baton Rouge non-profit organization aims to tackle the problem at its root.

With Louisiana having the third hottest winter in the country… comes a prolonged mating season for cats and dogs

Shelters are struggling to keep up with the excess, making it difficult to spay and neuter every pet.

Volunteers at the Capital Area Animal Welfare Society help lessen the load by pulling pets from seven local shelters.

“There are benefits to getting your pet spayed or neutered, we like to help out financially and we like to educate the public on why they should do that," CAAWS Board Member and Volunteer Libby Haydel said.

CAAWS hopes to utilize its Humane Education Program to continue educating and supporting the community.