Turning Point USA's Campus Clash featured prominent conservative activists who led a discussion on domestic and foreign policy issues facing Americans.

Charlie Kirk, founder of the conservative non-profit organization, was joined by right-wing activists Candace Owens and Dave Rubin with a brief guest appearance by Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv. 

Kashuv expressed his frustration with the local government of Broward County, Florida, for not taking initiatives to provide tighter security at Parkland High School and for using the shooting as a means to promote gun control.

"There hasn't been much going on, and the reason is because we're so focused and the left has been so focused on villainizing the gun," Kashuv said. "They've taken away from the responsibility that we should be firing dozens and dozens of people."

The event did not end without sparking controversy, however.

Former Student Government presidential candidate Nalo Zidan jumped on stage in protest of the event after Owens said that the United States isn't a racist society. The crowd drowned out what Zidan was saying, but Owens and Kirk invited Zidan to debate them.

Security eventually removed Zidan from the event.

Near the end of the night, Owens, Kirk and Rubin invited students to a question-and-answer session. They insisted that students with dissenting views move to the front of the line.

One student began to describe inherent racial inequality for African Americans throughout the country as a massive problem, but Owens adamantly disagreed.

"I can make a list of 100 things that's really screwing up the black community and white supremacy wouldn't make the list," Owens said.