Seven hundred and thirty-seven California inmates set for execution received a temporary reprieve Tuesday.

California governor Gavin Newsom made a statement placing a moratorium on the death penalty this afternoon.

This motion is only temporary. Governor Newsom does not have the power to permanently put this in place. A popular vote is necessary to permanently ban the death penalty.

The order won't alter any of the inmate's convictions or allow for the chance at an early release.

The order governor Newsom signed today will also outlaw the lethal injection.

Lethal injection is the only form of execution the department of corrections is allowed to use in Louisiana.

Numerous pharmaceutical companies are refusing to distribute and sell any of the drug compounds necessary to perform the executions.

Without the proper drug compounds necessary to carry out the executions, all 72 cases have been placed on hold.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards made a statement last night regarding the death penalty saying, "the fact of the matter is that we cannot execute someone in the state of Louisiana today because the only legally prescribed manner set forth in state statute is unavailable to us."