Bugs have made their way into 56-year-old Kirby-Smith Hall at LSU.

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Some residents in one of LSU's 56-year-old dorm halls, Kirby-Smith are experiencing a bug problem. Asian beetles, lady bugs and other bugs have found their way into the 13-story building. 

Six of LSU’s dorms are set to be torn down by 2023. Acadian, Broussard, Herget, Kirby-Smith, McVoy and Miller halls are on the list to be torn down and replaced by new dorms currently in the process of being built. 

For the residents of these halls, like LSU Freshman and Kirby-Smith Hall resident Charity Perito, the replacements can’t come soon enough.

“So I was cleaning and looking and I saw dead ladybugs," Pertio said. "I saw dead Asian Beetles, it was just all of these dead bugs and it was the most disgusting thing ever." 

Many parents and students have expressed that they are concerned about some of the issues that have been happening in the halls and the time it takes for issues to be fixed . A few parents online claimed their daughters’ entire floor on Herget Hall felt as if it were 100 degrees.

“I just think that this whole situation can be so avoided and there hasn’t been any work done yet which kind of is frustrating," Perito said. "It’s just not okay having to teach yourself all of your academic stuff but also to have to fear, oh my gosh, there’s probably a bug or a ladybug next to me, it’s just so gross.” 

In a viral TikTok that received over 20,000 likes, one LSU student and resident of McVoy Hall explains that the building smells like tar, makes him feel sick, has extremely cool temperatures and has no hot water. 

Prospective future LSU students in the comments of the video said they began questioning LSU as their future home. 

However, Pertio said she doesn’t think the questionable dorm conditions should stop students from attending LSU.

“A good positive that I have had from having this dorm is meeting my roommates, and I’m super close with them," Pertio said. "I think at the end of the day, if you’re put in a bad dorm, if you’re put in a good dorm, it’s just about the people you surround yourself with.”

The new, 90-million-dollar dorms that will be the replacements are said to be finished by the Fall of 2021 and house over 800 students. The new dorms are being built across from Herget, McVoy and Miller Halls near the UREC.