Every year on the day after Thanksgiving, people of all ages wait in lines for hours to get the best deals out there. For some, Black Friday has become more of a tradition than just a good opportunity. However, Black Friday in 2020 will look a little different than it has in the past. 

“One thing that will be different this year, maybe compared to last year, is that we will be closed on Thanksgiving Day,” said Gene Satern, Senior Manager at the Mall of Louisiana. “In the years past, we’ve been open, but this year we’ve chosen to not be open on Thanksgiving Day. We’re going to be open from 7 [a.m.] to 9 [p.m.] on Black Friday.”

Sophomore and employee at the Royal Standard Anna Lantier said that while the preparations aren’t anything special for Black Friday, they do have things in place to make sure shoppers stay safe.

“There’s going to be a lot of people working on Black Friday, just kind of keeping an eye out and making sure people keep their masks on and making sure there aren’t too many people that aren’t socially distanced from one another,” said Lantier.

The Mall of Louisiana will incorporate new ideas for Black Friday, but the main goal is to strengthen the policies already in place.

“Obviously masks are a big part of what we do here. We have [hand-sanitizing] stations throughout the property,” said Satern. “When customers come in, we monitor if they have a mask or not; if they don’t have a mask we provide a mask. We try to do the best we can to stay within the state-mandated guidelines.”

“I think we’re implementing the walkway situation where they do like an arrow to control the flow of people coming into a room and going out of it,” said Lantier when asked what new policies the Royal Standard will be incorporating for Black Friday.

Even with all the precautions that are being taken, many anticipate that this year’s shopping will not live up to the hype that it has in past years.

“Honestly I’m sure they’re not going to be the crowds they were in the past. We’re still, you know, [in a] pandemic,” said Satern. “With our reduced hours as well, I think you’re going to see a little bit less in traffic.

The most important thing to everyone is staying safe. Many people have decided to forgo Black Friday shopping altogether and instead shop online.

“Everybody needs to be comfortable in their surroundings,” said Satern. “If they are not comfortable coming here, I think they really should look online, go to our website — we have curbside pickup information on that.” 

“If they do come into the shopping center and don’t want to wait in line, we have a spot-saver app that you can go look online and see which stores are participating in that,” he continued.

Many resources have been made available to the public in an attempt to make Black Friday a good experience while also keeping people safe. And if it’s not enough, there’s always Cyber Monday!