As students find new ways to commute to their classes, cycling has become a popular option among people on campus.

Unfortunately, this method has introduced a new challenge for bike riders.

LSU students have consistently faced challenges commuting to class safely with their most recent challenge being bike thefts.

LSU's police department recently reported that within the past month, at least eight bikes have been stolen on campus.

As these numbers rise, LSUPD and students around the university have shared tips on ways to protect students’ bikes, such as knowing which locks to buy and how to use them.

While these methods were implemented by some, other students have begun taking their own preventative measures to keep their bikes safe.

“It’s just really crazy to think about," LSU student Hannah Blackwell says. "We put our bikes here thinking that they’re going to be safe but it really could be the last time that you see them”

LSU's Police Department is still looking to identify the people responsible for these thefts.