With businesses coming up on one year of COVID-19 closures, some are finding unique ways to open back up. Movie theaters are some of the places that can’t necessarily function as normal in current conditions.

While some cinemas have returned to airing new releases with enhanced safety precautions, some still aren’t ready to welcome back larger crowds.

To make up for it, many theaters are now offering private screenings of old favorites in place of showing new films.

Baton Rouge-area theaters like AMC, Celebrity Theatres and others are just a few of the places that have adopted this practice. While theaters like AMC have also resumed normal operation in addition to these rentals, many others have not.

General Manager of Celebrity Theatres Carl Carpenter says that this practice has allowed them to continue to make money while unable to operate normally.

“It’s what’s making money but, you know, it’ll never be the same until we get reopened again for the public,” Carpenter said.

Celebrity Theatres will be reopening to the masses mid-March, right around the same time they closed last year.