With the second semester of school kicking into full gear students are starting to have tests and papers pile on. To complete their assignments in plenty of time before the due date they must manage their time wisely. 

For LSU fourth year student Brian Dubee managing his time took a bad semester to show what he needed to improve.

“So, I learned time management skills after the fall semester of my freshman year. I didn’t do too well in comparison to how I’ve been doing now and in high school so it was a big reality shock to me” says Dubee. 

A survey done by Filemaker Inc. found that 87 percent of students believe their grades would improve if they practiced better time management. 

Manship professor Roxanne Dill implements time management in her classes by treating her students as professionals, many of which include first semester freshman. 

“I told them their profession starts the minute the first day of class starts, so I’m going to treat you the way I would treat you if you worked for me” says Dill.

Eighty-eight percent of students actually want to learn how to better manage their time according to Filemaker. 

Dill says resources like the time management workshop put on by the Center for Academic Success at the beginning of the semester is a guiding tool for students. She says the office is there as a resource to help students succeed in their academics. 

“The Center for Academic Success has workshops on time management, it’s one of their first ones, and I usually give extra credit for people going because it’s worth it for them to go to those” says Dill. 

Only 48 percent of students use a calendar to track their schedules and assignments.  

Dubee found tips online to help him manage his time. He uses tools such as a daily planner to keep up with his assignments.

“I take it, open it and just review everything and make sure that I’m on top of everything. I also use a digital hour by hour schedule for each day and that helps me to stay on track” says Dubee. 

Dill says ultimately it is up to a student to decide how they want to manage their time, but doing it wisely allows for more enjoyment in life.