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It's the moment these bands have been waiting for.

“Everybody's excited, everybody wants to be there,” Running From band member said.

“I'm sure it's always going to be electric,” Wave Runner member said.

“The crowd is probably going to be the biggest we have ever seen,” Zizzi member said.

Tiger TV’s fundraiser at Fred's is putting local bands to the test.

“We let our playing do the talking,” Running From said. 

“We are going to rock it more than any of the other bands,” Wave Runner said.

“I don’t think anyone sounds like we do,” Zizzi said.

Six bands are set to play with six different sounds and six different backgrounds.

“We play all kinds of stuff,” the Running From said. “We play stuff for people of all ages.”

“We started at a beach house in Gulf Shores, and the beach house was named Wave Runner,” Wave Runner member said. “We were chilling there, and just like, ‘hey, let's start a band.’”

“We want something with a little bit more pop, and it's (Zizzi) a unique name,” Zizzi band member said.

There will be three other bands performing on the biggest stage in Tigerland as well. 

“Fred’s has always been the target,” Zizzi said. 

They do have one similar goal on Thursday night–to perform in front of an energized crowd.  

“Fred’s crowd is just one of the best,” Running From said. 

The winning team will win three nights to perform at Fred’s. 

“We know that, if we get those three nights at Fred’s, the crowds are going to be amazing, and that's what I think we're motivated by,” Wave Runner said.

“It would really allow us to take off and let people know who we are,” Zizzi said.

“I just love any time that we get to play together and play for people, I'm down,” Running From said. “If we get the chance to win this and get three gigs at Fred's, that's what I'm down for.”

While the teams have personal reasons to play in the fundraiser, they are also excited to help out Tiger TV.

“I just think that fundraising is just another one of those greater causes,” Wave Runner said.

The night is coming, and the bands are ready to rock.