The student union is the main hub for busy tigers looking for a bite to eat. Students also frequent Nicholson Gateway, but where can students go when they're tired of on-campus options?

Four Louisiana students share their favorite hidden food spots in Baton Rouge.

Southeastern Louisiana University junior Tianna Gotch said her favorite hidden food spot is Goodwood Grill.

“They sell a lot of home-cooked stuff. They sell seafood," Gotch said. "They have fish plates. They have burgers. They do steak.”

Gotch usually orders the fried shrimp salad with no olives. She's been a customer there since her freshman year of high school.

Louisiana State University first-year graduate student Kadaja Cryer likes El Tío Taquería on Burbank.

“I love Mexican food, so like, I was raised in Texas, and it's this place called Fuel City and it's gas station tacos," Cryer said. "It's super authentic, and it definitely resembles that home taste of the authentic Fuel City.” 

Cryer orders either the chicken, shrimp or pork tacos with extra cilantro. She recommends using Yelp to find authentic Mexican food.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette senior Shakyra Washington is fond of Willie's Restaurant in Baton Rouge. 

“I usually get the blueberry waffles with the chicken gravy biscuit. So it's like, a big, old hefty piece of chicken with some nice, thick gravy on top." Washington said. "It is so good."

Washington raved about the range of food choices, from junk food to crawfish. She also mentioned the convenience in price.

Louisiana State University sophomore Azariah Chocklin recently went to Birria & Barbacoa de Chivo Los Compadre's and gave her review.

“My favorite hidden food spot in Baton Rouge is this birria place that I recently went to off of Airline Highway. And it's my favorite food spot because they have these birria tacos" Chocklin said. "They're really good. They're actually very different. It's something for a change. So, if you want a change, I would suggest that.”

Chocklin was happy to try a different type of taco from the usual ground beef she's had before. She also mentioned how a friend of hers liked the restaurant's cantaloupe drink.

Regardless of where students are eating, Baton Rouge has more to offer than meets the eye.