24 years later, Phil Frost, the Baton Rouge Zoo director will be taking on his retirement with high spirits. Reporter Evan Ransonet spoke to Frost about the things he reminisces on.

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Phil Frost, the director of BREC's Baton Rouge Zoo, announced on Oct. 14 that he plans to set aside his duties on Feb. 4, 2022. 

After 24 years at the Zoo and 40 years of zoo experience, he feels that his retirement is coming at just the right time.

"I think that what's going on right now at the zoo, all the things that we've been able to get started... this is a good time for me to step aside and hand the baton over to someone else," Frost said. 

Frost's legacy will continue past his retirement, as facilities at the zoo are currently under development.

The current construction is part of the zoo's master plan, under Frost's direction, to upgrade many of the attractions and buildings. Phase one of this plan will end after Frost steps down from his position, which he says he will be sad to miss.

With all Frost has done, he says he's ready to step aside and has high hopes for the next director.

"I'm pleased that I think I'm leaving the zoo in a better place than it was when I found it, and I know the next person will be able to move it even further ahead. That's just a success we hope everybody has," Frost said.

The search for the next director began immediately after Frost's announcement and will continue in a thorough and complete manner, the zoo said.