Covid-19 isn't cancelling all of Baton Rouge's annual gatherings. One local event continues to keep the city's culture alive. 

Baton Rouge’s Mid-City district will continue to hold their White Light Night event this year. 

The event is on Nov. 20th from 6-10 p.m. and takes place 3-5 miles along Government Street.

White Light Night is typically held outdoors within the Mid-City area, and all participating businesses this year are required to have sanitizing stations and extra masks.  

Visitors can come to the annual event to experience all kinds of local art, food, and music. President Justin Lemoine of the Mid-City Merchants Association remembers his first time attending the event as a college student.

“It’s not your typical…you know, Tigerland, college bar experience. You’ve got great upscale dining, you’ve got really interesting bars and Mid-City Daiquiri shop...," Lemoine says. "There’s so many different things to see and do, and it kind of helps you understand how diverse the city really is."

Some services will not be provided this year because of Covid-19 health safety guidelines from the CDC. Shuttles will no longer be provided, and participants are encouraged to wear masks when walking around the exhibit areas.