As the holiday season approaches, decorations and festive designs are displayed all over the city.

Local Baton Rouge artist Tara Button contributes to the holidays by using her artistic abilities to decorate store windows and host festive art classes for children.

Many people strive to find a way to express themselves throughout life, and Button uses brush strokes to accomplish just that.

“I enjoy painting so much, um, I think that I forget that it is an actual job,” said Button.

Button co-owns an art studio in Baton Rouge named Mudpies and Masterpieces and uses her talent to bring creative and engaging designs to life for her community.

“When kids are painting or adults, it might look like a Mudpie at first, but they all turn out to be masterpieces at the end,” said Button.

To teach others her passion, Button offers painting classes for all ages throughout the year and always incorporates the holiday season.

“We try to incorporate the spirit of all the holidays, but Christmas is my favorite,” said Button.

Painting may be Button’s passion, but Disney is her first love.

“My whole life, I wanted to be a Disney animator. That is what I said when anyone ever asked me what I wanted to do.”

When Button paints around the community, she always tries to find a way to include her first love in her artwork. If you look close enough, you may find a hidden Mickey within those beautiful brush strokes.

“I always try to incorporate a little hidden Mickey because that was one of our favorite things to do at Disney was find the little hidden Mickeys, and it kind of still makes me feel like I got that, that magic in my artwork.”

As the holiday fun and traditions begin, Button’s designs are found all over Baton Rouge to liven up the end of this challenging year.