When Louisiana moved into Phase Three of COVID guidelines, bars were finally able to open at 25% capacity. Jason Nay, general manager of Fred's, is excited to finally start to gain some sense of normalcy.

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Louisiana's bars are open, and restaurants have many more customers than they've had in recent months.

The state's move into Phase Three means Tigerland bars are finally able to make back some of the money they've lost during the pandemic. Fred's general manager, Jason Nay, says both customers and employees were disappointed by the shutdown.

Nay said one of the first things he did after Phase Three guidelines were announced was rehire a lot of the employees he had to lay off earlier in the pandemic. He also said people were quick to blame bars for spikes in COVID cases even though many weren't even open at that time. 

While some may think it's too soon for bars to operate again, nay believes they can re-open safely.

“I have a lot of confidence in the fact that bars being able to increase capacity, especially in the college area, probably will not have a bad effect on the numbers,” Nay said.

With more and more people getting vaccinated, bars and other businesses will likely be able to increase their capacities even more in the coming weeks.