Millenials and Gen Z have flocked to astrology and other mystical services in droves causing the industry to be worth billions.

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Thanks in large part to Millennials and Generation Z, occult practices like leveraging astrology for decisions, using healing crystals and participating in tarot card readings have skyrocketed in popularity.

According to a recent IBISWorld report, the Mystical Service Market is estimated to be worth $2.2 billion, and it is expected to grow.

Some suggest these practices rose in popularity because of the confusion and life-changes associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, which also gave young individuals the time to reflect on their lives and beliefs.

“I think it really all ties back to this collective of people being in this time when we’re faced with all this uncertainty whether it be politics, the economy, or just what the future holds," astrology and tarot enthusiast Aris Williams said.

Social media has become a hub for those in the business like Williams.

”Twitter specifically has helped me garner a platform whenever it comes to sharing my takes on astrology, observations, as well as my tarot content,” Williams said.

”My fellow classmates are sharing my content, booking readings with me and engaging with the things that I have to share," Williams added.

Despite skeptics remarks, the industry seems here to stay.