Tigers Against Sexual Assault as well as other campus organizations are coming together to advocate for sexual assault awareness month.

April is sexual assault awareness month, and one LSU organization has been hosting events all week to raise awareness on campus. 

About 26.4% of undergraduate females and 6.8% of undergraduate males report experiencing rape or sexual assault through physical force, violence or incapacitation. Women between the ages of 18 and 24 are three times more likely to experience sexual violence than any other group.

Tigers Against Sexual Assault, a student-run group on campus working to end sexual violence and inform students and faculty of intervention techniques, is holding events Friday and Saturday to close out their TASA week. They held events  alongside the Title IX Office and LSUPD all week. 

Some of the events included a self-defense class, a paint-pot fundraiser and a yoga class. On Friday, they will host a night out at splash and a volleyball tournament on Saturday.

Other organizations such as the Women's Center, the AACC and FIA will also hold events this month.

Students who are victims of sexual assault can call the Lighthouse Program for support at (225)578-5718.

"That's really the heart of Title IX is that access to education," Assistant VP of Civil Rights and Title IX Coordinator Joshua Jones said. "I think it's really just about students and employees across campus finding a way for themselves to get involved."