A farm-turned-brewery is a new unique twist on a Baton Rouge brewery.

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Baton Rouge has several breweries around its region, but one local brewery made their start very differently from the rest  

Istrouma Brewing is a farm-turned-brewery surrounded by Pictionary landscape, animals, and beer. Owner John Haynes and his wife grew up loving the farm and knew it was where they belonged. 

“For us it was natural. We always knew that when we had our own family one day, we would want to get back to the farm if possible..." Haynes said. “The opportunity came about 10 years ago, and my wife and I decided to move to the farm. We wanted our boys to grow up on a gravel road.”

Haynes’ creativity shines throughout the property. As well as mastering film, he and his wife share a love for art. They travel around the country to present their work at art shows and bring home innovative ideas with them.

“All the pieces of art that you see that other people have done — the trucks, and the tables, and all these other vintage items — were things we have collected over decades. The art, a lot of which is what I painted. A lot of the furniture that I made.” Haynes said. 

For those beer lovers just starting off brewing in their kitchen, there is hope of success. Haynes proves that. 

Haynes artistic vision and hard work has created an imaginative escape. Passion and kindness lace throughout this business. 

“About 3 years ago we looked at trying to take what we love. The farm and mix it with our art, film and food, our loves and see what we can do. And this is what you have here." Haynes said. “This is an Istrouma at sugar farms which is, ya know, I live working on a farm filmed with art, film, and wonderful people.” 

This brewery was born from the love of storytelling. Through the vintage décor, art, and the magical charm of string lights, Istrouma at sugar farms created an almost fairy-tale escape from reality.