Because of COVID, the course offerings for Spring 2021 are similar to Fall 2020 courses, but there’s some changes to the schedule booklet that have students feeling more confused.

LSU’s Executive Vice President and Provost, Dr. Stacia Haynie, offered much needed clarification about Spring 2021.

The course booklet includes certain information that is unclear to those trying to make their schedules.

Provost Haynie explains what these changes to the schedule booklet mean for students.

If a course says TBA that means the class will be online and asynchronous according to Provost Haynie. If an online course has a day and time, that means students will be expected to be on Zoom at that designated time.

For students concerned about costly materials for certain courses, Provost Haynie suggests taking AER (affordable education resources) courses or OER (open enrollment resources) courses.

If you have an AER course, that means “the textbooks or required materials will be $29 or less,” Provost Haynie said. If you see OER, that means “there are no costs to the students for that course,” and that the course materials will be provided to students through an open platform.

Some students also worry about being stuck on waitlists.

While Provost Haynie anticipates at least 15,000 students moving off the waitlists before the start of the Spring semester, she still suggests that students take advantage of student support resources.

“While we may be remote after Thanksgiving, the campus is still open and students will have access to those support services they need,” Provost Haynie said.

According to Provost Haynie, deans are watching the waitlists very carefully.  She also mentions that deans are prepared to open additional sections for courses that show high demand. 

After recognizing how unique the current circumstances are on campus, the Registrar office is planning to create a guide that students can reference for future course scheduling.