Despite recent efforts to make Tigerland a more safe area for students, the same energy has not been noticed toward the area of Splash, a gay bar that is located only a few miles away.

The city recently placed crosswalks and installed additional street lights in the area of Tigerland near Jennifer Jean Drive, while Splash remains left in the dark, putting its patrons at risk when night falls and customers come and go from the bar as cars drive by on busy Highland road. 

"It’s mainly very in the dark and I feel like there could be some positive advancements made there to kind of ensure people’s safety, like even as little of a move as it being more lit or well-lit," says LSU student Madison Myers.

As the school year progresses and post-football game parties seem to only grow by the week, students that frequent the club say they hope safety measurements will be seen to and that it will be before somebody is put at risk.