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After a two year hiatus, the Society of African and African American Studies has returned fully revitalized.

Now that the African and African American Studies, or AAAS, program is an official department, many AAAS faculty members and students felt it was necessary to incorporate a partner organization.

The group is dedicated to raising awareness of the new AAAS major offered and to highlight the African and African American cultures at LSU.

“I believe that, in mainstream America, the African and African American experience has been really skewed and watered-down,” said Christopher Toombs, Society of African and African American Studies President.

Toombs hopes that the group will partner with other Black student organizations on campus to better emphasize the necessity of the AAAS program. “For me, it’s like a personal journey as far as [getting] a better understanding of the essence of my ancestors that goes back much further than slavery,” he continued.

The Society of African and African American Studies will have its first meet and greet on April 13 in the Student Union. Students will have the chance to check out the organization and the new courses coming to the department this fall. All students and faculty interested in learning more about the group are encouraged to attend. 

For more information on the department, visit www.lsu/edu/aaas