Nobody likes to get their vehicles towed unless they called for a tow themselves.

The Riverside Towing Company near campus has been known to cause many headaches for students around the LSU area.

Students even call their approach, “predatory” claiming they overcharge for various reasons, many times without a given cause.

Many have complained about finding dents and scratches after paying outrageous fees to get their vehicles back. These complaints can easily be found on various review sites, like Yelp.

A group of Manship students wanted to put a stop to this seemingly unregulated laws. They decided to create a petition for their class called, ‘Wreck Riverside Towing' after hearing many student complaints.

Their goal for the petition is to stand up for those affected and help Louisiana regulate towing laws to mimic other states.

"Towing companies will prey on these individuals because they are new adults,” Cole Catherine Dunnam, a co-creator of the Wreck Riverside petition said.

“They don't always have parents in town, or people around them to go vouch for them or protect them," Dunnam said. "A lot of the time they are so nervous and hesitant and just want to get their car back. They just want to deal with the issue and be done. They are not as empowered to fight."

There will be a table sit in free speech alley in early March with the co-creators of the petition where you can get more information.

For more about the 'Wreck Riverside Towing' petition or their campaign, you can visit @WreckRiverside on Twitter.