Build is now being rebuilt to better suit students' taste for food on campus. The pizza place in the Union has been removed and is currently being renovated into a new food option for students. 

While the space is being transformed, the signs in front of the area say “new food option coming soon,” but students are curious to see what this new option will be. After surveying a few students, there’s a few food options that people are hoping to see in Build’s place. 

One student said, “I really wish they would put a Popeyes because there aren’t any close, but I think it’s gonna be a taco place.” And another student commented “I think it’s gonna be a Taco Bell...I want it to be a Taco Bell, badly.”

Ironically, some students weren’t aware that the original food option was pizza, and some people actually hoped the new place would be pizza. One student said, “I was about to say pizza place, but maybe another sandwich place.”

After much student speculation, I talked with Margot Carroll, the Assistant Vice President for Auxiliary Services, who gave insight about the renovations. 

“We’re  always reviewing all of our options and our normal time frame is to look at everything in the summer and incorporate student feedback,” Carroll said.

According to Carroll, the Build restaurant wasn’t gaining as much traction in the recent months, which is why the change was prompted. LSU Dining made a proposal for a new dining option in 2020 and have since been surveying students to find out what food choices they would like to see.

“[It’s] unusual that we would make a change mid-year, but we wanted to keep improving the concepts we bring to students,” Said WHO?

With the renovations almost completed, Carrol says the food option will be announced by the end of the week. 

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