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A unique line of milkshakes are bringing everyone to "The Yard".

A chain spread across 12  states including: Mississippi, Alabama, Washington, Florida and more; The Yard made its debit in Baton Rouge on July 9.

The idea to bring the franchise to Louisiana came when Tracy Couvillion made a visit to one of the locations in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

"Me and my husband went on a trip to Gulf Shores and we took the kids down with us for a vacation and went to The Yard, which is where it originated," Couvillion said. " We waited in line for hours just to get in and fell in love with it. We made a phone call when we got home and wanted to bring it to Baton Rouge."

With milkshakes such as The Unicorn, The Cereal Killer or the Louisiana themed Tiger Deaux these products are made with Hershey's ice cream.

Additionally, many have unique add ons such as brownies and cheesecakes.

"It's with Hershey's ice cream and I don't know how many around here actually use that," Couvillion explained. "You can't buy it in the store so we pride ourselves with Hershey's product and go over the top with our toppings like cheesecake and stuff like that."

Business has been booming since the grand opening, and the crowds have been coming in by storm.

Couvillion notes that lines tend to get long on the outside.

" It's been consistent, we've been very busy," Couvillion said. " I don't want to say it's calmed down but it has become manageable. We do have long lines in the evening and the weekends are pretty backed up."

As she takes running the business day by day, the end goal is to turn the Yard into a renowned Baton Rouge staple.

Couvillion said, "We fell in love with it, the company, the concept and the idea. The company is wonderful. I think people want something new and take that instagram photo. It's a delicious milkshake and I think it will continue to be great."

The Yard is located off of Perkins Road and is open everyday from 12 to 8 pm.