Baton Rouge is saying hello to its first hostel!

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Right outside of mid city Baton Rouge, located on North Boulevard, is a cozy home filled with art and bright colors where a new hostel will be located.

Melanie Bennett hopes to bring the city the cultural experience a hostel has to offer.

“Typically I think when people travel they tend to stay in hotels or do air b&b," Bennett said. "But like I said I’ve always liked to stay in hostels because that is where you get to meet the community of people that can tell you where the great little venues are or what the best dive bar is.”

Bennett was inspired by her own travels where she has stayed in hostels all over America.

Bennett said, “I remember sitting on the porch of a beautiful hostile, and thinking why doesn’t Baton Rouge have something cool like this, I wish they did.”

Not only does she plan to offer an affordable place to stay, but she also hopes to put on activities that bring people together.

“I intend to have book clubs here and yoga classes and music jams in the back and I want to have lots of activities going on,” Bennet explains.

Although Bennett’s hostel is currently undergoing renovations, she cannot wait to welcome her guests.

“I want it to be like home," Bennet said. "I want my guests to feel like family.”

Bennett hopes to have her hostel open by the end of the year, and she will be holding a few fundraising events at the hostel that you can checkout on her facebook.