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Tree limbs that shaded campus are now scattered on sidewalks, the parade grounds and throughout the quad. 

“It makes the campus look completely different,” said LSU student, Elis. “You see all of the branches and the trees and everything just scattered around the place”

LSU EOC continues to assess campus and the damages, but some students think the damages are not as bad as they expected. 

"I think it's less than I expected,“ LSU Junior, Nerea Rodriguez Lafuente. "I think it's really okay. It's just grass and branches on the floor."

But Hurricane Ida did not spare the campus from damages altogether. LSU School of Music shows the roof of the entrance and choir room on the ground, and LSU Fraternity, Theta Kappa Epsilon (TKE), has damages in their yard.  

Hurricane Ida swept through campus Sunday evening with winds ranging from 50-75 mph, leaving Azalea Hall, some East Campus Apartments and many surrounding residents without power. 

"It could’ve been worse, it could’ve been better, but it’s just what we got,” said LSU student, Adamaris Chavez.

LSU President William Tate urges students not to return to campus yet as LSU EOC continues to assess the safety of campus. 

"In this aftermath, we're asking that our students, staff and faculty not rush back to campus but wait until they've been altered," Tate said.

LSU canceled classes through Wednesday and has not confirmed when classes will begin again. 

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