With ice on the ground and classes canceled, LSU students sled down the LSU Indian Mounds as frost coated the mounds Monday morning. 

Sledders used makeshift sleds out of baking sheets and plastic boxes. One student even brought a kayak.


Some students expressed that sledding down the Indian Mounds was the most fun they have had in a long time as the pandemic has halted campus events and activities for almost a year.

“We never really get to get out of the house anymore, not even to go to class. So a little ice will do it for us,” one LSU student said.

While some consider this a fun idea, others see this action as disrespectful to the ancient monument.  Preservation of the Indian Mounds is an issue around football season as many tailgate on or near them, causing LSU to barricade the area. 

"Whether it’s people climbing them for ‘the view’ or children playing at tailgates, no one has any business damaging these structures, and there should be consequences put in place to discourage and prevent further disregard and damage to them,” LSU geography student Sara Pellegrin said.

LSU students have not experienced a “snow day” on campus in about 3 years.