Regular season came to and end last weekend for the undefeated Tigers. "Tiger fans did a great job sending the seniors off the right way," Coach Orgeron said to the media on Monday.

On to post season, LSU is not finished yet and still has goals to complete. The SEC Championship this weekend versus Georgia is their first goal to tackle.

"Lot of respect for Kirby and the job he's done. It will be the best offensive line and defensive line we've seen all year." Coach O had great things to say about the Georgia team that they will be playing on Saturday. Since this game is in Georgia, it will be much like an away game for LSU.

"Our fans have traveled pretty well all year. We will treat this as an away game practicing crowd noise on Tuesday and Wednesday." 

LSU will most likely be a playoff contender whether the team wins or loses this week. Coach O said he hasn't thought about maybe getting into the playoffs even if they lose to Georgia.

"Our goal is to beat Georgia and winning the SEC and we'll see what happens."

"Being in the SEC Championship means a lot, this is my first one. This is about beating Georgia, we're not going to make the game bigger than it is." The tigers are going to treat this game as a normal one, business as usual. 

"We control our own destiny, we need to win every game to get where we wanna go and we've done that so far. Our next task is Georgia and we know that's a mighty task," Coach O says continuing to take it one game at a time.

Coach O said he has learned a lot since starting his position as head coach. He's gotten a handle on when to push his players and when they may need a break, and also how to maximize the capabilities of his players and his staff.

"I realized that I had to be a CEO, be the boss. I think that the third year for a coach is important in showing where your program is going."

The tigers have now won five away game this season. The games they've won on the road is going to give them confidence for this game in Atlanta.

Kickoff on Saturday is at 4:10 in Mercedes Benz Stadium on CBS.