As the first game of the season approaches, LSU supporters prepare to cheer on their team while our football players are still adjusting to changes.

Here's what the Director of Equipment for LSU football had to say, "we've been through a lot of changes and the protocols and things and those change every single day with new information so we're having to constantly adjust how we're operating."

But for our national champions, in the words of Greg Stringfield, "whatever we need to do to make this work and make football happen is what we're here to do."

Whatever we need to do to make this work meaning taking the safety precaution from COVID, TJ Finley quarterback for LSU tells us a little more about what this looks like.

"The helmets that we have now when it comes to game time we're going to have to wear a turtleneck or a face mask, so they're allowing us to wear the same helmet, just when we're on the sidelines and things of that nature we're going to have to pull our face masks up once we take our helmet off."

Of course there's always a possibility for out players to catch this highly contagious virus but LSU always has a plan. 

"Our precautions are if you catch COVID, they're quarantining you for a week and a half and then after that, you'll get tested again and if you're still positive you're going to go back into quarantine and if you're not positive you're safe to return to the team." -TJ Finley LSU Quarterback.

In the midst of this pandemic, our tigers are still ready to take over this season.

"We're ready to go, its game week, we're ready to rock and roll." -Greg Stringfield