LSU is home to some of the country's most renowned athletes. They attend classes by day and break records by night, but their successes can often go unnoticed because most people don't know who they are without the uniform.

Like many student athletes, Brooks Curry spends hours in the pool perfecting his skills to keep his name on the leaderboard.

"It's just kind of a part of being a student athlete. You gotta find time to manage it," Curry said.

Time is everything to swimmers. They are constantly racing time and each other to see who will get to the wall first. 

"It's definitely hard," Curry said.

But through all the training, it definitely pays off.

"It's rewarding, though, being able to have good grades and be good in the water," he followed.

Just like he trains his skills in the pool, he must also train his skills in the classroom, which means Brooks must hit the books.

"Yeah it's just really kind of hard to tell who's an athlete or not just walking around on campus," LSU student Kelly Bautista said.

Some students depend on minor details to help distinguish athletes like our unknown Olympian.

"Basically the only way you can really just like point them out is because of the book bag and their little athlete tag," Bautista said. "But they pretty much just look like everyone else."

He may only be known by his bag tags on campus, but in the swim world, Curry is a big deal who's known for his numerous titles and his performance in the 2020 Olympics.

"Crazy experience. Something I could have only dreamed of, you know," Curry said. "It was really special being there with the rest of Team USA and being able to win those, win that medal."

With his cap and goggles, Curry is gearing up for the Summer 2024 Olympics, where he plans to make history.

LSU coaches see that Curry has a promising future in swimming, and so do his supporters. Many are excited to see him compete in the upcoming Olympics, where he will represent the U.S.A. and LSU.