LSU's Student body President and Vice President, William Jewell and Taylor Scott sat down with us to talk about the success they've had in their administration so far. 

The two ran on the "Elevate" ticket in last spring's election, which was one of the first in years to be contested. 

Jewell says that one of the most rewarding things he's gotten to be a part of since the start of his administration is the Louisiana Board of Regents, and that Scott has been able to go into the State Capitol downtown to lobby for higher education.

The two ran on the platform of five initiatives last spring, including the fight for funding, transportation reform, health and wellness, campus safety improvement and enhancing the tiger experience. 

Jewell stressed that one area they've made great progress in is health and wellness.

"We've worked a lot with the UREC, as far as implementing new programs, we've gotten student fees waived as far as intramural sports," Jewell said.

As far as enhancing the tiger experience, Scott elaborated on how they've branched out to reach the entire student body.

"Our goal has been to really branch out to other places on campus and not just do things that are student government-led, but branching out to other departments to make sure that we are really affecting the 30,000, and not just those that are involved."

The two heavily encourage students to come to their office to collaborate, talk about or plan for any issue or idea that they might have, and reminded us that they are open and accessible resources for the entire student body.