The Tigers took in the Iowa Hawkeyes Saturday afternoon pulling their fourth win of the season and put up another mercy rule ending.

LSU defense came out to play just like the past few games with a quick top of the inning and no points given up.

In the top of the third Iowa offense started to pick up the pace gaining their first point with a  single up the middle and a fly out to infield. Outfielder Karrington Houshmandzadeh started off the bottom of the third with a fielding error allowing her to make it to second base. Serrett was then hit by a pitch putting her on first causing Iowa to change pitchers again.

The inning continued to gain momentum as Cummins hit a single to bring in Houshmandzadeh and Serrett. Andrews then singled to bring in Cummins. Iowa gave up two walks to have runners on base so Sanchez could bring them home on a single to right center.

But the inning didn’t end there. Freshman designated player Jordyn Perkins got her first homerun as an LSU Tiger soon after infielder Taylor Tidwell got an RBI. This left LSU with a 15-1 lead after the third inning.

The bottom of the fourth was slower for LSU as they only gained one run off of a single by designated player Sydney Bourg to pull an RBI. The Tigers pulled the fourth mercy rule in a row as pitcher Maribeth Gorsuch got her first strikeout of the night to take down Iowa 16-1.