LSU took down Bucknell Saturday night to make their fifth win of the season and their first win with a mercy rule. LSU plays Bucknell again Sunday to finish the Tiger Classic.

As Bucknell took the plate to face LSU, the Tigers never slowed down getting another three outs, but this time in three strikeouts with pitcher Ali Kilopen’s debut as a Tiger.

The bottom of the first left the Tigers scoreless as well. A similar second inning continued to leave both teams scoreless.

The third inning was equally as slow, but LSU managed to pick up a run after a single by Sunseri and a throwing error for Bucknell. The fourth inning was the same for Bucknell, but an improved game for LSU.


A double by outfielder Elyse Thornhill pulled two RBIs, a single from Sanchez pulled another but a deep hit by Serrett with bases loaded left everyone confused as the wall went missing under the fence. Ultimately the deep hit pulled in two RBIs and left two runners on base. LSU ended the fourth with a 10-0 lead.

The Tigers ended the game with a three up, three down making the game their fifth mercy rule win.