Starting as a roman festival to celebrate the start of the spring, Valentine’s day has been around since year 496. Tradition use to be a boy drawing a female name out of a box indicating that they are dating during the time of the festival.

Today, dating is not that easy. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. LSU students described that this Valentine’s day would be occupied with homework and relaxing. 

However, students do still long for this romantic holiday.

“My favorite flowers are pink carnations, but I will take anything I can get,” LSU sophomore Asia Pineda said.

Girls are not the only people who romanticized these special moments.

“My ideal date would be a hot air balloon ride off into the sunset,” LSU junior Jon Desselle said.

Valentine's day is on Sunday, so now is the time to grab your favorite flowers and find the courage to ask your crush to be your valentine.