BUKU Music + Art Project 2019 Lineup

The BUKU Music + Art Project is back and better than ever this year. Started in 2012, this festival has grown to be a staple in the New Orleans area.

Last year, the festival's tickets were sold out with a daily attendance of 17,500 guests, making it the highest attendance of any BUKU festival to date-- and with this year's lineup, it is expected to be even bigger. 

"We’ve made some great improvements on-site to maximize the space since last year’s expansion. The VIP stage is going to be in the expanded VIP Rooftop area, and the Wharf 2.0 is becoming the second biggest stage at the festival. The production at the Wharf is going to be sick! We’ll also have some new art installations on-site," Marie Roussel, BUKU Marketing Manager and LSU Alumnus said.

The BUKU Project will feature a variety of talent with headliners such as Lana Del Rey and A$AP Rocky, and will include a live graffiti gallery among many other cool things.

One feature talent of BUKU this year is the Upbeat Dance Academy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching middle and high school students how to produce and perform Hip-Hop and EDM. Each year, a portion of proceeds from the BUKU Music + Art Project will be donated to Upbeat Academy. In the last three years, BUKU has donated over $60,000 to this organization. 

The Upbeat Dance Academy

We got the chance to speak with two local EDM artists, Klutch and sfam, who will also be preforming this year. 

sfam is comprised of the dynamic duo, Jacob Hoerner and Michael Pearson. Their unique style of music which they dubbed as "freeform bass" has made a lasting impression on the New Orleans community, and earned them a spot on the BUKU lineup for the third time. 

When asked what they're most excited about for this year of BUKU, they replied, "We've come a really long way since the other BUKU sets and we cant wait to showcase all our new music along with catching so many dope acts. We have a few homies playing that will be in town so it's always fun being able to kick it with people you don't see very often." 

And third time's the charm for Andre Waguespack, AKA Klutch, who is another notable local act preforming at BUKU for the 3rd time. However, this year is different for Klutch because the majority of his set is comprised of his own music, something that he hasn't been able to claim in the past.

He classifies his music as "Athemic Bass" and has been producing music for about five years. He says the inspiration behind his music is trying to turn his own pain into something that relieves others.

"Music is supposed to seep into our deepest emotions and transcend us into a place where we can heal and grow. I want to create a world that people can grow in," Klutch said.

With all the talent BUKU fest has to offer, we can't wait to see what the future holds for this event! Check back here after BUKU weekend, we'll have lots of fresh, exclusive interviews to share.