Louisiana State University’s production of Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’s play, "Gloria" started its run on November 6 and will run until November 17.

"Gloria" features professional actors, as well as an LSU professor, a graduate and undergraduate student.

One of the stars of the play, LSU grad student, Tiffany Gilly said of the production, ”I’m here because I want to do this full time, I want to be an actor and tell stories and ultimately I think theatre illuminates truth and this show definitely does that and LSU is really going to benefit from seeing this story put on stage.”

Directed by LSU professor, Femi Euba, “Gloria” depicts aspiring writers tired of their desk jobs in modern-day Manhattan.

“Oh, I think students you know the younger generation I think it concerns them more because this is what is happening and what could affect their future,” Euba said.

LSU professor, Sonya Cooke, who plays the title character Gloria, emphasizes the importance of the production.

“I think this is an important piece for students to see, the themes are incredibly relevant for colleges and really our American society,” Cooke said.

Gloria is being performed at the Reilly Theatre on campus, with tickets starting at $17 for students.