Louisiana Cosplayers is an organization created to help cosplayers in the Louisiana area make friends, have fun and advance their craft. They host multiple annual meet-ups, including Aquaricon at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, Zoocon at the Audubon Zoo and the Renaissance Festival meet-up in Hammond, La. On February 16, they met up at Highland Road Park in Baton Rouge for their annual Valentine's Day meet-up.

Cosplayers began arriving 30 minutes before the start time, dressed as Valentine's-themed versions of their favorite characters. Some bought cosplays costumes, some were handmade, but all were excited to spend time together and enjoy their shared interests.

Everyone who could brought their own Valentine's to hand out, usually themed around the character they dressed as.

There were many awards given out, including a contest for the best valentines. Named the Cupid’s Helper Award, it was judged on creativity and how well the valentines connected to the person’s character.

Cupid’s Helper Award winners, @theninjayoyo and @dansinmotion dressed as casual picnic versions of Bulma and Vegeta from Dragonball Z. They brought small capsules full of “senzu beans” as a reference to the Capsule Corporation, a company from the Dragonball series founded by Bulma’s father.

      One other contest they had was for Valentine’s spirit. This was based off your outfit as well as your general attitude throughout the day. The winner, Crysta, wore a Lolita-style dress, Bodyline’s L560, and a pair of felted purple ears. This was her second time winning this award. 

The guests gathered around in groups on blankets, enjoying the picnic foods and sweets provided. 

This meet-up was the Louisiana Cosplayers largest turnout ever, with sixty people in attendance at its height.